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Billing and Insurance

Important Notice About Your Bills and Insurance Plans:

You may receive more than one bill related to your child’s surgery/procedure.

Children’s Hospital Colorado and CU Medicine will bill your surgery/procedure which means the charges may be applied to y our insurance plan’s deductible.  This could result in out-of-pocket- cost for some patients and families.  Call your insurance plan’s member services department for facts on how much you may need to pay for the surgery/procedure.

Some bills you may receive:

From CU Medicine:  This is for the professional/physician part of the surgery/procedure.  It could also include laboratory, anesthesia, radiology or specialty professional services.  You will receive a separate billing statement for each UPI doctor (example:  surgeon, anesthesiologist, radiologist).  You will be responsible for the portions of the provider bills your insurance company does not pay.  For billing questions call  303-493-7700 or visit their website for billing questions at www.cumedicine.us 

For other physicians:  These are from physicians that are not affiliated with CU Medicine  and are in private practice.  You will receive separate billing from their offices. 

Insurance Plans

There are may different types of insurance plans.  Some insurance plans may apply the surgery/procedure to a deductible, while other plans require a mixture of a co-payment and a deductible. 

Check with your insurance company to learn about your benefits.