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Children’s North Surgery Center Salutes our Nursing Staff in Honor of National Nurses Week

By on May 5, 2016 in Events & News |

Our nurses are at the core of our success as a medical facility.  They are involved in all steps of patient care, ensuring a safe and quality experience at Children’s North Surgery Center.  If nurses have been instrumental in providing you and your children with a positive health care experience, take a moment to recognize the care you or your family received...

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Children and Sports: Appropriate Choices for all Ages

By on Apr 7, 2016 in Events & News |

We know it is important to get our kids involved in sports for a number of reasons: physical exercise, skill development, social skill development, camaraderie, etc.  But, there are also many safety concerns associated with each sport, and some sports are just not right for young children.  What is the appropriate sport for your child?  Here is a list of age...

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Colorado Bike to Work Day is Wednesday June 24th!

By on Jun 20, 2015 in Events & News |

Summer is here! If you haven’t already, it’s time to pull out the ol’ bike and start riding. Join your fellow Coloradans on Wednesday, June 24th. “Put the pedal to the metal” and ride your bike to work. The Bike to Work website has great tips for new and experienced cyclists.1. Wear a bicycle helmet.2. Wear appropriate clothing.3. Know the rules of the road.4. Map...

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