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Procedure Pricing

Children’s North Surgery Center is excited to provide our customers with pricing estimates for our 25 most commonly performed procedures.  Colorado’s Transparency in Healthcare Pricing Act of 2017 requires health care providers to provide this information to help consumers make more informed decisions about their health care.  If you are interested in learning more about our self-pay rate for a procedure that is not listed below, please contact our business office at (720) 777-9545 for a pricing estimate.

If you are covered by health insurance, the prices below are not applicable to you.  We strongly encourage you to consult with your health insurer to obtain accurate information about your financial responsibility for a particular health care service provided at Children’s North Surgery Center.

If you are not covered by health insurance, please contact our business office at (720) 777-9545 to discuss payment options prior to receiving services from Children’s North Surgery Center since posted health care prices may not reflect the actual amount of your financial responsibility.

CPT Dental Description  Cost
41899 Procedure on Dentoalveolar Structure Dental rehabilitaion surgery procedure.  $1,952.00
CPT Otolaryngology/ENT Description  Cost
42820 Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy; Younger than Age 12 Removal of tonsils and adenoid glands in a patient younger than age 12.  $2,444.88
42821 Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy; Age 12 or Over Removal of tonsils and adenoid glands in a patient age 12 or over.  $1,127.96
42830 Adenoidectomy, Primary; Younger than Age 12 Removal of adenoids in a patient younger than age 12.  $1,127.96
69436 Tympanostomy (Requiring Insertion of Ventilating Tube), General Anesthesia Insertion of small tube into the eardrum in order to keep the middle ear aerated for a prolonged period of time, and to prevent the accumulation of fluid in the middle ear.  $1,009.71


CPT Gastroenterology Description  Cost
43239 Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy An upper endoscopy or EGD (esophagogastroduodenoscopy) is a test performed with an endoscope, which is a long, flexible tube that is thinner than most food you swallow.  The test allows your physician to examine the lining of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum (the first portion of the small intestine).  $453.56
45380 Colonoscopy A colonoscopy is an examination of the entire colon (large intestine) using a long, thin, flexible tube (colonoscope) with a camera on the tip.  $568.84


CPT General Surgery Description  Cost
36590 Removal of Tunneled Central Venous Access Device, with Subcutaneous Port or Pump, Central or Peripheral Insertion Removal of an external catheter.  $443.42
49585 Repair Umbilical Hernia, Age 5 Years or Older; Reducible Repair of hernia at navel (belly-button) in a patient age 5 years or older.  $1,744.00
49505 Repair Initial Inguinal Hernia, Age 5 Years Or Older; Reducible Repair of groin hernia in a patient 5 years or older.  $1,744.00


CPT Ophthalmology Description  Cost
67311 Strabismus Surgery, Recession or Resection Procedure; 1 Horizontal Muscle Realignment of the eye with repair of one horizontal eye muscle.  $949.81


CPT Orthopedic Description  Cost
20680 Removal of Implant; Deep (e.g. Buried Wire, Pin, Screw, Metal Band, Nail, Rod or Plate) Removal of hardware requiring a deep incision and visualization of the hardware by the surgeon.  $1,237.16
26055 Tendon Sheath Incision (e.g. for Trigger Finger) A surgery involving cutting the fibrous tissue that connects the muscle to the bone of the finger (trigger finger).  $834.19
26608 Percutaneous Skeletal Fixation of Metacarpal Fracture, Each Bone Insertion of hardware to repair abroken finger, accessed through the skin.  $1,461.94
26727 Percutaneous Skeletal Fixation of Unstable Phalangeal Shaft Fracture, Proximal or Middle Phalanx, Finger or Thumb, with Manipulation, Each Insertion of hardware to repair a broken finger or thumb with manipulation, accessed through the skin.  $1,461.94
27687 Gastrocnemius Recession (e.g. Strayer Procedure) Lengthening of calf muscle to lower the pressure at the front of the foot, improve foot function, and/or decrease deformity.  $1,461.94
29806 Arthroscopy, Shoulder, Surgical; Capsulorrhaphy Diagnosis and repair of the shoulder using an endoscope.  $3,178.03
29888 Arthroscopically Aided Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair/Augmentation or Reconstruction Diagnosis and repair of the ligament located in knee joint, also known as anterior collateral ligament (ACL).  $3,178.03
CPT Urology Description  Cost
49500 Repair Initial Inguinal Hernia, Age 6 Months to Younger than 5 years, with or without Hydrocelectomy; Reducible Repair of groin hernia in a patient age 6 months to younger than 5 years.  $1,744.00
49505 Repair Initial Inguinal Hernia, Age 5 Years or Older; Reducible Arthroplasty, Interposition, Intercarpal or Carpometacarpal Joints Repair of groin hernia (intestinal bulge) in a patient age 5 years or older.  $1,744.00
53450 Urethromeatoplasty, with Mucosal Advancement Repair of bladder canal (urethra) and urinary opening.  $950.36
54161 Circumcision, Surgical Excision other than Clamp, Device, or Dorsal Slit; Older than 28 Days of Age Removal of foreskin, patient older than 28 days of age.  $950.36
54163 Repair Incomplete Circumcision Repair of incomplete removal of penile foreskin.  $950.36
54360 Plastic Operation on Penis to Correct Angulation Reconstructive surgery to correct angled penis.  $1,416.37
54640 Orchiopexy, Inguinal Approach, with or without Hernia Repair Repair of displaced testicle, with or without a hernia repair.  $1,744.00

 The purpose of the procedure pricing tool on this page is to learn more about the average price patients pay at Children’s North Surgery Center.  Prices are estimates and subject to change.  Actual charges for health care services are dependent on the procedural circumstances at the time the service is rendered.  Factors affecting health care service price include, but are not limited to, medical supplies used and/or additional procedure (CPT) codes billed in conjunction with the primary procedure (CPT) code.